Align with your soul, fully

The Gardens of Guidance is the membership program by Maartje Kreuzen: a service that delivers the energy reading of the day in order to help people engage with their day from a higher awareness and with higher energy vibrations.

Live your spirituality every day!

Sometimes it is not so easy to integrate our spiritual aspirations with our daily life. The laundry, the neighbours or grown-in toenails, everyone has stuff that might seem to keep us from a more spiritually oriented life. The Gardens of Guidance changes this!

It fills me with joy that all of the members of this group have gone through deep transformations. Members have shared that it: 

  • Confirms your own guidance system, helping you to increase your inner wisdom and make the right decisions
  • Draws your attention to important things, that otherwise you might have missed and that once pointed out, carry great importance for you.
  • Has you looking forward to getting an email that adds a high note to your day, because it reminds you to connect to your higher self in novel ways.
  • Enables you to create new opportunities for yourself, that before were not even considered. 


The Gardens of Guidance Pie
You can opt for one or more services, just choose which slices of pie you want:

🥧 Monthly lectures: 1 lecture for 30€, 3 lectures for 80 €, and 6 lectures (half a year) for 150€;

🥧 Emails and FB group for 29€/month;

🥧 Emails, FB group + Monthly Lectures at the discount price of 54€ instead of 59€, 
Watch this video for an explanation about the Gardens of Guidance Pie!
"Receiving the Gardens of Guidance message is often the highlight of my day. It stops me in my daily stuff, at least for a moment, to remember my eternal nature. The messages open up new insights, perspectives, a new world to see and live in. They also help me in a practical way to follow my guidance."

 - Hannele, Finland, Gardens of Guidance member. 
The Gardens of Guidance has partnered up with Treedom to start manifesting a new, greener vision for the world. The trees carry the names of our yearly members and their loved ones.  Check it out here.


Much of the information and insights are new and I really appreciate that. Because I am kind of wary of cliche spiritual teachings, that you see and hear everywhere as "wise phrases" and that is not for me. And in the Gardens we don't do that: it is much more and deeper, fresher, and more fun.

Anna, Spain, Gardens of Guidance member

Maartje Kreuzen